A 1:48 scale working diorama of the final days of steam in Wyoming


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Laramie Engine Terminal is an O-scale model railway layout depicting a part of the Union Pacific Engine Terminal at Laramie Wyoming as it was in the late 1950s. It is currently under construction (as is this website) and made its first full public appearance in October 2015.

In the hot summers of 1957 & 58, the Union Pacific’s Big Boys (amongst the largest steam locomotives ever built) were brought out of store for their final moment of glory pulling massive trains from the Californian fruit harvest east over Sherman Hill between Laramie and Cheyenne in Wyoming. This layout aims to capture what it was like fuelling, watering and turning these monster beasts for this 50 mile each way shuttle.

The layout is built by Peter Kirmond (with a little occasional help from friends) and is based in the United Kingdom.

Feel free to explore the rest of this website to give you a flavour of what the layout is like and when it can be seen at exhibitions.

8 thoughts on “A 1:48 scale working diorama of the final days of steam in Wyoming

  1. Larry Ostresh, Past away on November 7, 2013.
    He was a Great, Great Person.
    He is Missed Greatly.
    He was a great friend to me.

    Your Engine facility, look right on, just looking at your photos brought back a lot of memories.
    I am the President of the Laramie Railroad Depot Association.
    I was looking for the Coal Chutes on your layout.
    I am also in “0” scale model railroading.
    Let me know of anything you might need.
    Good meeting you.
    Jerry Hansen:


  2. Hello peter. You have a fantastic model. I am starting to build the large 650 ton coal bunker, and part of the Roundhouse that still exists in Evanston Wyo. The Union Pacific Railroad is working to clean and fix Big Boy 4017. My display will be portable and displayed in local model railroad shows.
    Yours Truly, Frank


  3. Peter, a superb layout and I enjoyed seeing it at Railex. I see from MRJ that you are working on a new project. I have some information which will be of use to you and which I can send if you drop me an email.



  4. Hello Peter
    I’ve sort of changed direction from modeling O gauge British outline (after 50 years) and have started to collect O scale USA steam locos (10 so far) and rolling stock. My completed British layout takes up quite a bit of my attic space, but I can add a motive power depot and some sidings to accommodate my USA collection. Your Laramie layout is a terrific source of inspiration along with some others I’ve found via the Internet. I will be going to Telford this year as usual and would like to have a chat if you can spare the time. Perhaps if its convenient could you please contact me via my email, or telephone (I’m listed in directory enquiries – I live near Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire).

    Kind regards

    Jack Anziani
    GOG 3694


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